2016 Fall TV Preview: 30 Premieres You Can’t Miss
These days, it'd take at least two years to watch only only one season's worth of #PeakTV, a quarter of which won't even be around a second year. You’d need some sort of absurd television guidance periodical to navigate it all, but because we love you' we've put toget…
What Did It Used To Be? The Strip, Lafayette LA
Lafayette has experienced many changes since I moved here to go to college. The oil business crashed, surged, and crashed again. A drive-in movie theater became a grocery store, and then a movie theater again. UL softball went from non-existent to the College World Series, and the drinking age …
16 Ghost Towns In Louisiana
When you think of Ghost Towns, Louisiana isn't a state that comes to mind that would have an abundance of them. Turns out there are SIXTEEN Ghost Towns in Louisiana!

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