‘Dirty Santa’ Gift Exchange At 99.9 KTDY
Thanks to people like you, the folks you hear on 99.9 KTDY have been together for a long time. CJ, Debbie Ray, and myself have been working together for more than 21 years. Bernadette Lee has been part of this madness for 19 years, and Jaycee 18. Chris Meaux (the only one w/ enough sense to also ha…
What To Do When You Receive A Bad Gift
You have probably experienced it before and may again this year, the dreaded bad gift. So what does one do? How should the receiver of a bad gift act? Especially if the whole family's watching?
5 Easy-to-Make Father’s Day Gift Ideas
Sometimes it's hard to find just the right gift for dad. You can only buy so many ties and tools before the 'cool' factor wears off. However, if you make dad a gift it will be something he will cherish forever. These are gifts that need a little adult supervision and assistance, but a…

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