Why Don’t UPS Drivers Turn Left?
We sometimes tease my longtime friend & colleague Debbie Ray because she refuses to turn left into oncoming traffic. UPS drivers don't turn left, either, in the US anyway...
How Does The Fuel Pump Know When To Shut Off?
Have you ever wondered how the fuel pump nozzle knows when to shut off when you are pumping fuel?  Well, here is a simple video that explains the inner workings of a fuel nozzle, and how it 'knows' when to shut off...
Woman Near ‘Fracking’ Site Lights Tap Water On Fire
Hydraulic Fracturing, or 'fracking', is a process in which pressurized liquids are used to cause channels (or cracks) in rocks underground, which allows petroleum (gases) to escape and be harvested.
The woman featured in this video lives in Pennsylvania, near a 'fracking' site.

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