Texas Fertilizer Plant Explodes; Mass Injuries Reported
An explosion in West, TX, just outside of Waco, spread fires across multiple buildings and injured an unknown number of people earlier tonight.
The explosion occurred at the West Fertilizer Plant shortly before 8 PM CT.
A large number of people have been reported injured, though the number of those ki…
Man Herds Cattle With PA System
There's not a whole lot to do when you live in the country. It was really only a matter of time before somebody came up with this idea, and then only a short amount of time after that for somebody to film it and put it on YouTube.
Pink Pumpkins Benefit Breast Cancer Research
Now here's a brilliant idea to celebrate autumn and promote breast cancer awareness! The Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation was created in 2012 to aid in the fight against breast cancer.
They've recruited dozens of America’s pumpkin growers to plant pink 'Porcelain Doll&apos…