Facebook To Connect With Africa Via Satellite
Soon, Mark Zuckerberg will rule the world! I've jokingly referred to Facebook as an intelligence gatherer for extra terrestrials preparing to invade Earth. Zuckerberg's creation already has more than a billion members. Plans are now underway to reach huge sections of Africa.
How To Edit A Facebook Post [Video]
Have you ever posted something on Facebook, then wanted to change it? Maybe you posted a long status update, and found a spelling error, or thought of a better way to express a thought. No, you don't have to delete it and start over. Maybe you're new at this social media thing...
The Facebook Hackers Are At It Again
The above photo is one of nearly 20 Facebook friend requests that I received in a span of less than 48 hours. They were all virtually identical, the only significant differences being name & profile photo. I have five years' professional training in the use of social media. Accepting a frie…

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