New to Working Out? Gym Members Don’t Like You
Almost 65% of Americans have made New Year's resolutions related to fitness:
Eating healthier, getting in better shape and losing weight top the list, followed by exercising more at home and outdoors, eliminating certain foods from diets and going to the gym more...
Can Exercise Eliminate Depression?
We all know working out is good for our bodies — but did you know it’s good for our emotions, too?
New research shows exercise may very well be an effective treatment for depression, especially among those with heart problems.
Who’s Lazier — Men or Women? [POLL]
Earlier this month, we learned that women have edged ahead of men in terms of average IQ.
But if the fairer sex wants to use their extra smarts to take over the world they’re probably going to have to get off the couch first.
Newest Exercise Machine More ‘Suggestive’ Than Shake Weight
From the discussions I have had with 'health care professionals', the 3 main things to remember when trying to lose weight are 1) eat less (control your caloric intake); 2) move more (exercise);  and 3) get with a 'trainer' or a group of people with similar goals (like the f…
7 Ridiculous Workout and Diet Commercials
Everyone knows that the only real way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat smaller portions, choose healthier foods and exercise more. Everyone also knows doing those things suck and there has to be a better way.
There isn't. But since it's the new year, everyone wants to find that miracle soluti…

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