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Edwin Edwards Completes Home Confinement
Edwin Edwards is a free man today. Well, mostly. The former Louisiana Governor has completed the home confinement portion of his ten year sentence for racketeering and is now moving into a home with fiancee Tina Grimes Scott in Gonzales. EWE will still have to check in with probation officers for th…
Will Edwin Edwards Be Television’s Next ‘Bachelor?’
Reports are all over the internet that Edwin Edwards has posted on facebook that he is talking to a producer about a reality show featuring himself and his reported fiance Trina Grimes Scott.
Is it really the former Louisiana Governor's facebook page? Is it the start of a new career path? Could EWE b…
Edwards Granted Home Confinement
Associated Press Reporting
Former Gov. Edwin Edwards has been released from federal prison and is being allowed to complete his sentence in home detention, rather than in a halfway house.
Edwards Out
Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards has been released from the federal prison at Oakdale. He arrived at a halfway house in Baton Rouge this morning. The 83-year old four term governor has served eight-and-a-half years of a ten-year prison sentence for corrupting the state's gami…