eat lafayette 2012

Eat Lafayette Cruise Winner Announced
During Eat Lafayette, diners were invited to register to win a free Cruise for Two. Today's the day a winner was selected. Representatives from Travel Machine, LCVC, Charley G's and Calzone & Associates joined CJ and Debbie Ray for the drawing. And the winner is...
Eat Lafayette Village Cafe’ (Sponsored)
I'd stopped in for a beverage, during "Rhythms On The River", but I'd never been to the Village Cafe' for dinner.  It was delightful! The Village Cafe' in River Ranch is the best of both worlds, casual atmosphere, and elegant food.
Eat Lafayette Don’s Downtown (Sponsored)
Friends & I recently enjoyed a visit to Don's Seafood & Steakhouse in Downtown Lafayette, as part of the Eat Lafayette campaign. Don's has been in business for 78 years. If our visit was any indication, the Landry's are carrying out the family tradition in fine style.&…
Eat Lafayette: Charley G’s
Even before you walk into Charley G's, you can smell the grill.   It makes you walk just a little bit faster to get to the door!!
Charley G's is very proud of their 'product', as they should be:
Eat Lafayette: Lil Bite O’ Heaven
A cupcakery.  Cup-Cakery.  I love that name.  Lil Bite O' Heaven is a cupcakery, run by a cup-cakery lady named Teresa, who is just as passionate about her cupcakes (and cupcakery) as she is about life itself.
Teresa is very proud of her creations (all made from scratch!!), and sh…
Eat Lafayette: Fezzo’s In Scott
I recently had the opportunity to visit Fezzo's (in an 'official' capacity this time!) for lunch a few weeks ago, as they are taking part in the annual Eat Lafayette campaign.  Their Eat Lafayette special?  Chargrilled Oysters!!
Special thanks to Mondavi Wines and The New Fly…
Eat Lafayette Begins!
I am so excited the Eat Lafayette is back!  It's a time when, as a DJ, I get to visit different locally-owned restaurants in Lafayette to sample the food, service and atmosphere, and then report back to you!