Change Your Eating Habits and Change Your Health
On yesterday's edition of Wellness Wednesday, Dr. Kevin talked about the amount of sugar Americans consume and how it is affecting our health. Click through and listen to hear his tips for changing your eating habits to change your health.
Can a Pair of Glasses Trick You Into Eating Less? [VIDEO]
For years, many diet experts have advised using smaller plates for our food. By doing so, normal portions look bigger and thus fool us into thinking we’ve eaten more than we have.
Now a group of Japanese researchers have taken that idea one further — they’ve crea…
Not Happy About The Number On The Scale?
After seeing her Mom weigh in, and apparently not happy about the number on the scale, one little girl says to her friend, "Don't step on it...It makes you cry".  After the long holiday weekend, are you feeling a bit 'heavy'?

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