You Work Too Much Dad, Dad Buy Me Something
"You work too much dad", words that most dad's would rather lose a limb than hear. Balancing a job and family is tough for both men and women, so why do the young people in the family think dad's the jerk?
To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter
Every dad dreads the day he has to meet the boy who's going to date his daughter.  Jesse Parent has expressed how most of us feel and would like to say to every boy who comes to the door.
Advice From TV Dads Mashup [VIDEO]
Having just had a Father's Day weekend, this is a funny video of TV dads giving advice.  From Archie Bunker to Bill Cosby, watch them as they dispense invaluable advice.
Dad Records Day With Son For Mom
While wasting company time doing research on the internet today, I came across this video, posted to the ABC News website;  it's a 'day in the life' of a dad and his son, filmed and time-lapsed so mom can see what goes on while she is sleeping (she works nights).

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