Police Officers Rescue Ducklings for Nervous Mother Duck
What would you do if you saw a duck pacing back and forth and quacking nervously? (We'd probably be really confused -- what's a duck doing in our living room??) Fortunately, the police and animal control officers in the video above were able to make sense out of the situation, and rescue a…
Meerkat Fights Sleep At The Zoo [VIDEO]
It's a video of an animal falling asleep.  You know, the beauty (and the horror) of Youtube is that it will 'suggest' similar videos when you are finished watching the one you originally came to see.
10 Guinea Pigs Wearing Funny Hats
It's a little sad, but guinea pigs all-too-often get left out of the costuming mix. It's understandable considering their small stature and the limited amount of miniature clothes available for cute rodents, but there's no real excuse for us to overlook them so much.
Notebook Filled With Adorable ‘Kid’s Rules’
Until I became a parent, I never fully understood just how wise and profound children are. They see this often dark world of ours through lenses of innocence, compassion, and pure love. We can learn a lot from kids, and while none have written self-help books (that I'm aware of, at least) one k…
14 Spiffy Babies Sporting Mustaches
Movember might be long over, but that doesn't mean we're still not mustache fans. We're actually dedicated, year-round fans of the crumb catchers, so it's always exciting to discover another 'stache trend on the Web.
Dad Records Day With Son For Mom
While wasting company time doing research on the internet today, I came across this video, posted to the ABC News website;  it's a 'day in the life' of a dad and his son, filmed and time-lapsed so mom can see what goes on while she is sleeping (she works nights).

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