Five Biggest Turn-Offs
When it comes to dating, a survey of singles has revealed the top 5 biggest turn-offs.  If you're having trouble in the dating world, you might want to check out what people are saying.
Why Do Women Test Men
Every man who's ever been involved with a woman, has wondered why do women test men?  It goes back, way back.
Men Are Keeping A Secret
Ladies, you may think you know everything about your man, but you probably don't.  This new survey is...shall we say...revealing!
Why Humans Need A Mate
Just yesterday, I was thinking about the meaning of love and thinking...Why do humans need a mate?
Man Divorces Then Sues Wife for Being Ugly — And Wins!
Beauty may only be skin deep, but apparently ugly runs much deeper.
Don't believe that philosophy? Just ask Jian Feng, a man from northern China who recently divorced and sued his wife for being ugly, leading to a victory in court to the tune of $120,000 in damages.

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