If You Drink Alcohol, You Should Probably Drink More Coffee
I love my coffee, can't seem to get started in the morning without it. Several months ago, I shared a story about research that indicated moderate consumption (3-5 cups a day) has multiple health benefits. Leave it to me! I've discovered research that indicates drinking coffee may protect …
Happy National Coffee Day!
Tuesday has to be better than Monday, right? Absolutely! Today is National Coffee Day! The above photo is of the cup I'm enjoying as I write this. Wikipedia reports, the history of coffee goes back to 10th century Ethiopia. The National Coffee Association reports Americans spend $4 billion a ye…
Are You Drinking Enough Coffee?
Are you drinking enough coffee?...Probably not. The nation's top panel on nutrition says drinking moderate amounts of coffee has very real health benefits. The Washington Post reports, coffee has often gotten a bad rap, with people saying it's bad for your health. This latest report says …
Keurig Recalls Almost 7 Million Coffeemakers
Mini coffemakers that quickly brew individual servings have surged in popularity recently. The most popular brand in the US is Keurig, having sold millions of units. The company is recalling nearly 7 million of the popular devices because of a defect that can result in users being scalded.

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