CJ Message Of The Day [Feb 6, 2018]
Today's 'CJ Message Of The Day' will make you think. If you've ever had to make a decision, especially a tough one, this will make sense to you.
CJ Message Of The Day [Feb 5, 2018]
Sugahs I'm starting something new. A daily message to inspire your day. These will be funny, thought provoking and maybe even therapeutic.
Exclusive Videos And Pics From CJ’s Memphis Trip
I know, I know, what happened in Memphis is supposed to stay in Memphis. We had such a great time I have to share a few videos and pics, only the safe for work videos and pics lol. A luxury coach full of 56 happy Cajun Elvis fans (most were Elvis fans) took to the highways and byways of the deep …
Steve Wiley Makes CJ Breakfast [VIDEO]
Have you ever awakened with a particular food craving. Happens to me all the time. A few mornings ago, I woke up with a somewhat odd craving. Lucky for me, I have a friend like Steve Wiley.
More Team Brittni Items Discovered
Mary 'Brittni' Clements, my daughter, was diagnosed with leukemia February of last year and spent 39 days at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida. During that time, back home, there was a #teambrittni explosion happening. I watched everyday on my phone, the only method I had in the ho…
Things You Need To Know Before Going To Memphis With CJ
It's getting close Elvis fans! We leave this Wednesday morning for the 'Ultimate VIP Christmas Lighting of Graceland With CJ Holiday Exclusive'. We will have a blast! Private tours, Beale St., the new Elvis Entertainment Complex, Graceland, Sun Studios, the new Elvis Presley hotel,…
Sharon Moss Films New NFL Commercials, Behind The Scenes Footage [VIDEOS]
Sharon Moss' television commercials have become infamous in the Acadiana area. People talk about Ms. Moss' clothing, her jewelry, whether her arms are crossed or not, and probably the most talked about characteristic of a Moss Motors television commercial is the camera angle. Will it be …
I [CJ] Have A New Favorite Song, It Reminds Me Of My Mom
I love music, period. But like you, I have favorite artists and a favorite genre. I tend to gravitate, during my private time, to classic country. The real old stuff. A few days ago, I ran across a song that I knew of, but not very well. So even though it's an oldie, to me, it was almost l…
Two Great Bumper Stickers, Thought I’d Share Them [CJ’S OPINION]
I once had a bumper sticker that read, "Who Died And Made You Elvis". Being a big Elvis Presley fan, I considered it pretty harmless, until I got read in the parking lot of Acadiana Mall. I remember it being a beautiful day, I was in a great mood. Drove up in a Mitsubishi Diamante, I lo…
CJ Talks Marshalls & HomeGoods Into Making A Change [VIDEO]
It took me months, but finally, the new Marshalls & HomeGoods, Kaliste Saloom and Ambassador Caffery got it right! After talking with managers, employees and even some customers, Marshalls & HomeGoods made the change, came out of the dark and showed some class.

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