Inspirational Messages With CJ 5/16/16 [VIDEO]
One of the best part of waking up to do the KTDY morning show on Mondays, is coming into work and finding handwritten inspirational messages from my 'weekend friend'. He's a guy who works in our building over the weekend, and every Monday he leaves me notes in my mailbox that really …
Inspirational Messages Read By CJ 4/18/16 [VIDEO]
My "weekend friend" has left three winning messages again this week! I love coming into work on Monday mornings and finding his handwritten notes in my mailbox. They make me think, they move me and inspire me to be a better person. I hope they do the same for you.
Inspirational Messages Read By CJ 4/12/16 [VIDEO]
Regular listeners of the CJ and Debbie Ray morning show, are very familiar with my 'weekend friend'. He's a very nice man that I see in our building weekends. He finds me on the weekends when I come into the building, we usually have a pleasant conversation and then he disappears. …
Account Set Up For CJ’s Daughter
People have asked about making donations to CJ's family to help them while they are tending to their daughter's medical needs: an account has now been set up.

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