CJ’s New Addiction [VIDEO]
Every several months I find something I just can't get enough of and I usually turn it into my 'latest addition'.
KTDY Crew Out Of Gas On I49 [VIDEO]
The KTDY air staff along with other broadcasters from the Lafayette market had a radio conference in Shreveport recently. The KTDY vehicle transported Nathan Pike from News Talk KPEL and JayCee and CJ from 99.9 KTDY. JayCee was behind the wheel.
CJ’s Weekend Friend Left 2 Powerful Messages This Past Monday
If you listen to CJ and Debbie Ray in the morning on KTDY, you know that every Monday morning a guy that I see on the weekends in our building leaves inspirational sayings in my mailbox. They are handwritten and the first time I read them is when you hear them on the air.

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