Second Airbag Manufacturer Being Probed
The largest automotive recall in history has made headlines with the recall of more than 33 million airbag inflators manufactured by Takata Corp. The inflators were used in vehicles produced by an assortment of carmakers. Shrapnel from exploding canisters has killed 8 people, and injured more than 1…
Here’s A Quick Way To Cool The Inside Of Your Car
It sometimes seems like we go straight from winter to summer In South Louisiana. Afternoon high temperatures in the 90's can raise the temperature inside your car to well above 100 degrees. If you're in and out of your car all day, this can be miserable. Here's a quick way to cool it …
Taylor Swift Dances And Lip-Syncs In A Car
How can you not Taylor Swift?
She recently met up with BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James to perform her "Blank Space" video in a car. That's right in a car! The duo are adorable and funny while they lip-sync, dance, and have a great time!

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