Everything Bacon!!
I came across a website that Debbie Ray will surely save to her 'Favorites', it features everything BACON!!  Its the Think Geek website, and, not only do they have lots of bacon stuff, they have lots bacon stuff ON SALE!!!
Bacon pillows, bacon hot sauce, bacon breath mints (really...
Better Bacon
When I was about to read Shelley's post about Makin' Perfect Bacon, I was ready to defend my method!!  After reading it, though, I relaxed! Whew!  For a minute, I thought that they had my secret!
Makin’ Perfect Bacon
Who doesn't like the sound and smell of bacon sizzling for breakfast or in a good  BLT? Chef Donald Link knows there's nothing quite like the perfect crispy, salty slice of bacon.  He shares his secret recipe from and Steve Wiley from 99.9 KTDY …