Adele Gives Birth to Baby Boy!
Congratulations Adele! Reports say that the 24-year-old singer gave birth to a bouncing baby boy last week -- but in typical Adele fashion, she managed to keep it under wraps.
Who Knew Passing Gas Could Be So Cute? [VIDEO]
Meet my nephew Colton. He is a spunky two year old who has the the wildest personality I have ever seen. He drives my sister bonkers with his outlandish two year old antics but for me.. well he is purely entertainment! So this week I am going to fill you in on the day-to-day life of a two year old.
Young Mother Shows The World True Love [VIDEO]
This young Mother, shows the world true love.  In this moving video, you will be introduced to her son Christian who was born with several deformities.  There are only 50 people on Earth known to have these birth defects which also cause blindness.
10 Illegal Baby Names
Whether it's the Pope encouraging people to use "good, Christian names", or a government agency that oversees such things, some people are meeting resistance when it comes to what they want to name their children.
Ali Landry’s A Mom, Again!
Miss USA 1996, Ali Landry’s A Mom, Again!  She gave birth to her second child, Marcelo Alejandro, Saturday in Los Angeles. She and her husband, Alejandro Monteverde, also have a 4 year-old  daughter, Estela.
Having A Baby? Don’t Waste Your Money On These
Okay, before you roll your eyes and say to yourself, “What does he know?” I’m a father of two, and a grandparent.
I recall my daughter watching in amazement the first time I gave her infant son a bottle, and the stunned look when I offered to change a smell…
Aww! Baby Panda Won’t Stay Put in Its Crib [VIDEO]
This baby panda can’t be caged: The adorably stubborn cub keeps trying to scale its way out of its crib, no matter how many times a caretaker keeps plopping him back in. Truly a Sisyphean task.
Check out the nimble panda cub who wants to break free below:

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