10 Brands Of Baby Wipes Recalled
Mother holding a baby

Nutek Disposables has initiated a nationwide recall of its baby wipes. The wipes have been sold under 10 brand names, Well Beginnings, Cuties, Femtex,, Kidgets,Fred's, Tender Touch, Member's Mark, Simply Right, and Sunny Smiles.
Awesomely Fun and Beautiful Baby Announcement
We've seen some great proposals, wedding dances, and 'We're Expecting' videos over the last year, but this may be one of my all-time favorites; and it's all set to the Jackson 5's 'ABC!'  Liz, Joseph and daughter Zara are the stars of the baby's-on-t…
Who Were The Ad Wizards Who Came Up With This One?!
I saw the commercial below for Target's "Everyday Collection" yesterday morning as I finished getting ready to come in to the station. I had to pause, re-wind, and watch again. I thought it was the most bizarre commercial I'd ever seen.

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