Dumb Ways To Die Explained [VIDEOS]
If you're like me, you're probably thinking, what is Dumb Ways To Die?  Over 49 million people know what it is and have turned it into a viral sensation.
Lafayette Has a New App for Locals and Travelers
It's available for iPhone and Android It's described as "the ideal way for leisure and business travelers to effortlessly plan and navigate their Lafayette experience with an online destination guide, interactive map of the area, and access to valuable special offers from industry pa…
Tweet From Beyond The Grave
Because knowing the everyday minutiae or unsought opinions of anyone or everyone is essential to modern life, a new app has been created that allows "you" to continue Tweeting. Even after you've gone to that big social media network in the sky.
NOLA App Here
If you spend any time in New Orleans, this new app may be for you!  From what I gathered from the press release, good for the iPhone and Android, this app is EVERYTHING New Orleans!
Nectar Fish Announces French Quarter Atlas App

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