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Joshua Ledet Says He Will Perform on American Idol Finale
In his latest facebook post, Joshua Ledet says he will be performing on the American Idol Finale, which will be a two night affair, on Tuesday May 22 and Wednesday May 23. He said he has a  "...special treat for you all!" Can't wait to hear what it is...
Facebook Post Says Joshua Ledet Signs Record Deal [UPDATE]
Look what I just saw on facebook! It says:
I signed a HUGE DEAL(: so I guess you'll be hearing a lot more from me real real soon (:
We'll let you know more as we get details!
The post you see here was removed from Joshua's facebook a few hours after it was published.
Joshua Ledet Eliminated on ‘American Idol’
On tonight’s (May 17) results episode of ‘American Idol‘, which determined the Top 2 for Season 11, Joshua Ledet was eliminated and sent home. It’s the end of the road for Ledet on ‘Idol,’ but don’t fret for him. He w…
Joshua Ledet’s Homecoming as a Top 3 ‘American Idol’
Louisiana's Joshua Ledet brought it on home to Westlake over the weekend as one of only three remaining contestants on 'American Idol.'  He made a whirlwind tour of Lake Charles on Saturday in a parade, a concert at Burton Coliseum and an appearance at Contraband Days.
Joshua Ledet Comes Home For American Idol Top Three Visit
It wasn't a surprise, but it was a nail-biter, nonetheless... Westlake, Louisiana's Joshua Ledet made it to the Top Three on American Idol! That means he gets to make the legendary home visit to say thanks to his hometown and to let his fans congratulate him on his success! If you'd l…

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