Dying Teen Coughs Up Tumor
I'm by no means an expert on cancer research, but I'd definitely call this a miracle.
Terminally-ill teenager Stephen Sutton experienced a slight cough which grew to become more severe, leading to labored breathing and the eventual expulsion of what his doctors agree must be a tumor...
Boy With Brain Cancer Scores
7 year-old Jack Hoffman, a brain cancer survivor, suits up with the Nebraska team and takes to the field, scoring a 69-yard touchdown run in front of 60,000 screaming fans.
Music Livens Up Man In Nursing Home
Many quotes about music can be found online with a simple search for 'music quotes', but none of these are as effective at getting the point across as to how music affects people as this video:
"Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.&am…