‘Global Warming’ Comes To New Orleans
The "Global Warming Tour", featuring Aerosmith and Cheap Trick stops into the New Orleans Arena Thursday, Dec. 6th at 7:30 PM.
Aerosmith's "Music From Another Dimension" will be available Nov. 6th.
Ticket Sales to this event will be restricted to residents of L…
10 Great Songs About School
We've got ten good reason schools shouldn’t be cutting arts budgets: these great songs about their hallowed halls. After all, if they eliminated music classes, who’s gonna write songs about how cool school is?
Steven Tyler’s Face Immortalized in Wood?
How would you like to be the proud owner of a walnut wood veneer replica of Steven Tyler's face?  For the right bid on eBay, it could be yours.  The starting bid was $49.95 for this fine piece of art from Adams Center, NY
“Idol” Judge Not Quitting Aerosmith
 Veteran rocker Steven Tyler on Tuesday denied that his new role as a judge on 'American Idol" meant the death of his band Aerosmith, and said he wanted to start work on a much-delayed new album later this month.
"We are just on a break