Going To The Game Sunday? Allow Extra Time
The NFL has announced "enhanced security procedures" for fans entering stadiums. If you attend NFL games, you're  familiar with the pat-downs at stadium entrances before you're allowed in. Fans will now be patted down from the ankles to the knees, and from the waist …
First Three Winners On 9/11 At Belmont Were 9, 1, 1.
Coincidence?  Planned?  I don't know, but for the first three winners to match the date, THIS date, does make me wonder.  What are the odds of the first three winners on 9/11 to be 9, 1, and 1?  Amazing, to say the least.  Here's more of the story from  Yahoo.…
A Look Back at Iconic Images of 9/11/01 [PHOTOS]
The images that emerged in the hours and weeks following the September 11 terrorist attacks have been imprinted in many of our minds. With the 10-year anniversary of the attacks, we take a look back at some of the more iconic pictures from the attacks.

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