Call me crazy, but I love cheeseburgers for breakfast. I'll put almost anything in an omelet, including the kitchen sink. After sleeping 'til almost ten & taking my sweet time on the "caffeine fix", I decided to give this idea a shot.

I browned some ground sirloin in a black skillet & seasoned it with onion powder, garlic powder, chili powder & cayenne. I trimmed most of the fat from 4 slices of thick sliced bacon with a pair of scissors, nuked 'em, then put 'em in the freezer to make them brittle. I beat 6 eggs, using only 3 yolks, and put them in the skillet, adding the beef, 2 slices of colby jack cheese, and about a tablespoon of Guidry's Fresh Cuts Creole seasoning. After folding it, I sprinkled some shredded "Mexican Blend" cheeses on top. A few seconds under the broiler to melt it, and Voila!  Two slices of whole wheat toast, and a mango daiquiri on the side....Happy Sunday!