Did you build forts when you were a kid? I sure did. We used pillows, blankets, brooms, cardboard boxes, whatever was handy. Those were glorious times!

I use to play "Lost In Space" with my grade school friend, Dennis. My family home was built on a river bank.There were large windows on one cellar wall. That's where we set up the cockpit of our "Jupiter 2" spacecraft.
My sister's toy stove served as the control panel. our "space suits" were raincoats & the detachable hoods. Our ray guns were water pistols. We cruised around the universe, surviving asteroid showers, and vanquishing all manner of space monsters. It was great fun! I recently visited my daughter & 7 year old grandson. He'd built a fort in the living room & cajoled me into a sword fight.
If you think you're too old to build forts, think again.