Remember this story from earlier this week about the Vermilion Parish parent who was upset about the subject matter included in a worksheet her 9 year-old brought home?  Well, there was a school board meeting last night, and they discussed the topic...

A Vermilion Parish educator posted her summary of the meeting on Facebook last night, and it included information about a rally coming up next weekend...

The Superintendent apologized for the paper going home with the inappropriate words. The teacher actually noticed the part that was inappropriate and contacted the parents by phone to tell them to tear up the paper. The School Board's hands are tied. We need to rally at the State Department in Baton Rouge to have the program thrown out.

Moments later, this same educator posted more information about the upcoming rally:


Really important: There is going to be a rally Saturday, September 28th in Baton Rouge to picket.  Many parishes will be there with teachers, parents, concerned citizens.


And then more about the paper that was sent home, and what they are doing to try to remedy the problem:

The School Board supervisors are working with teachers to find and correct any inappropriate material. The paper in question was approved on a website that provides supplemental work to teachers to use to meet the common core. We (teachers and parents) are to call the school board if any more inappropriate materials go home!


How do you feel about the worksheet?  Do you see a problem with it?


This worksheet distributed to fourth-graders at Abbeville's Eaton Park Elementary has raised controversy because of its use of urban slang.


(Via Facebook)