Do you ever get annoyed when the lady on front of you in line at the grocery checkout pulls a fistful of coupons of her purse? Well, get used to it! A new survey from the marketing and media company Valassis says that more Americans are using coupons.  Over the last year, according to their research, just over 30% of Americans say they've been more conscientious about bringing coupons to the store in the last year. Nearly 30% say they'll keep using coupons because they like the way they feel when they see how they've saved. We did our own little survey and found that local coupon clippers are saving money every time they shop!

Candace said, 'I've been paid to take stuff home from stores using coupons.'

Theresa said, 'I'd use more if any stores around here would have double coupon days.'

Hazel said, 'The most I have saved in one shopping spree is 75.00.'

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