Debris pick-up relating to the flood event of March 12, 2012 will begin on Friday, March 30, 2012. The Contractor, DRC Emergency Services, LLC., will begin the storm debris pick-up in the City of Carencro and fan out into the unincorporated areas of Lafayette Parish. The storm debris pick-up efforts will be concentrated in the northern part of the Parish above I-10 Interstate and will be for construction and demolition type debris (i.e., carpet, sheet rock, mattresses, furniture, etc.), appliances, electronic waste, but will not include regular municipal solid waste nor yard waste of any kind. No debris that is bagged will be picked up by the Contractor. All storm related debris should be placed at the road shoulder within the public right-of-way. The flood debris should be kept separate from the regular municipal waste, recycling and yard waste. The Contractor is scheduled to make two passes. The second pass will be announced at a later date. Questions should be addressed to the Lafayette Consolidated Government, Public Works Dispatch at (337) 291-8517.