"If there's one thing in my life that's missing, it's the time that I spend alone, sailing on the cool and bright clear water." - Little River Band

So it's  not in the Caribbean, or the South Pacific, but being on the water here in Acadiana is an easy, inexpensive getaway!

With spring here, our thoughts are turning to outdoor activities, and one that comes to mind that the whole family can enjoy is Kayaking!

Unloading at Souside Park (Photo by Julie Hebert)

Kayaks can be somewhat of an "investment" on the front end, but they can provide hours, even days of fun for the family, or a nice weekend get-away for just the two of you.

In Acadiana, there are several great places to kayak: Bayou Vermilion, Lake Martin, Lake Fausse Point, Palmetto Island State Park... just open a map and look for blue!

Southside Park boat launch (Photo by Julie Hebert)

I like being in Bayou Vermilion, as it offers beauty in different ways:  the wildlife, the "serenity", and being able to see the homes of the people who "live on the river".  (We CAN dream, can't we?)

I called Pack & Paddle and spoke with John for a minute about the kayaks, and then asked this question:  What is the cost for an entry-level kayak, and how long is it until someone "upgrades"?

(Photo by Julie Hebert)

John told me that their kayaks start at around $800, and once people buy one, they keep it for life.  When I asked why they don't ever "upgrade", he explained to me that the pros at Pack and Paddle make certain that they sell the customer the kayak that will most closely fit their needs, therefore avoiding the need for the "upgrade".  If you buy the kayak you need the first time and treat it properly, it will outlast you.

E Broussard Road Bridge (Photo by Julie Hebert)

If you just want to "try" the kayaks for a day, John told me you can rent one for about $40.

Ambassador Caffery Bridge (Photo by Julie Hebert)

So, there's your idea of what the family can do this spring/summer/fall to keep you busy, and keep you "family".

Vermilion River (Photo by Julie Hebert)