There are just some songs that stick in your head and will not let go of your brain giving you what's now commonly refereed to as an earworm

I personally have been having one for 3 days and cannot shake it.  What causes a song to do that.  Not all songs can cause a massive earworm.  I think it's the hook of a song quite honestly.  Also the tone.  Tones are direct remote controls to our minds.  I really believe that.  That's why certain tones can cure headaches, give you energy, make you spend more money and make you buy certain products for that matter, and the list goes on and on.

Here are songs I believe have quite the ability to give you an earworm, listen with caution.

Lorde 'Royals'

Neil Diamond 'Sweet Caroline'

Pharrel Williams 'Happy'

Baha Men 'Who Let The Dogs Out'

George Jones 'He Stopped Loving Her Today'

John Legend 'All Of Me'

Elton John 'Bennie And The Jets'

Billy Ray Cyrus 'Achy Breaky Heart'

Los Del Rio 'Macarena'

Conway Twitty 'Hello Darlin'