I have two songs I use to set the sound on all audio equipment.  I believe if you use either of these songs, anything you play will sound good.

A few days ago, Debbie Ray and I had a discussion on the KTDY morning show about setting the bass, midrange and treble for optimum sound.  Over the years I have found two songs that get the job done.  Conway Twitty's "Don't Take It Away" and my favorite to use, Ricky Van Shelton's, "Somebody Lied".  The original recording of "Somebody Lied" is a bit distorted, but if you can get around that, it is quite an effect tool in setting any sound system.  Try to use a digital source of either song.  Never use Youtube or a magnetic recordings.

Start with by setting the bass, mid (if you have that setting) and treble to 0.  First set the bass to your liking and then come in with mids and highs.

I have found that this is a perfect happy medium.  No matter what you play, country, pop, hip-hop or rock will sound good.  Happy listening!

Conway Twitty's "Don't Take It Away"

Ricky Van Shelton's "Somebody Lied"