One of the greatest entertainers of our time, Elvis Presley, passed away at his home in Memphis Tennessee August 16th, 1977 after playing racquetball.  The day he passed away, he was to start a tour and even though Elvis said he was excited to start the tour, some of his close friends knew he was in no condition to do so. Elvis was found dead in his bathroom that very day after telling his then girlfriend Ginger Alden he was going into the bathroom for a while.  Elvis had a barbershop chair that he would sit in and read.  Ginger said to him, "Don't fall asleep in there", and he replied, "OK, I won't".

Elvis's death was labeled "cardiac arrhythmia", but the world now knows his death was probably caused by many years of drug use.  The pressures of being Elvis Presley the Superstar, became too much for Elvis Presley the man.

Here are a few of my favorite Elvis Presley performances for you to enjoy on the anniversary of a true Superstar.