Well, the power is out in parts of Carencro, which is the closest we have come to having a "snow day" in a long time.  While our kids don't normally have the opportunity to actually have fun in the snow like these kids,

(Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

they do get creative when they need to.  Actually, when our kids have an 'unexpected' day off of school, they sometimes get rambunctious/become a handful/get under your skin, so we spoke to 55 Carencro-area mothers and asked "What do you tell your kids to do for a Snow Day?".... Here were the top answers:


2.  Stop picking on your sister!


4.  Go clean your room!

5.  No, you can't ride your bike to Kart Ranch!

6.  No, you can't throw the dog on the roof to fetch your Frisbee!  Wait until your father gets home to get the ladder...

7.  GET OUT OF THAT DITCH!!  Come inside right now and put on some dry clothes, or else you'll catch the croup!

8.  If Bobby's mom lets him jump from a cliff, are you going to want to do that too?  I don't care if Bobby's mom lets him, you are NOT bringing that baby possum into this house!

8.  HOW MANY TIMES AM I GOING TO HAVE TO TELL YOU TO CLOSE THE DOOR????  And take your finger out of your nose!

9.  Do you want something to cry about??  Because I'll give you something to cry about, mister!

And, finally, my favorite...

10.  Come here, let momma hug you... that'll keep you warm....

Tongue-in-cheek, of course (except for that last one)... in all seriousness, I hope that the power comes on before the kids destroy your house....