I've been Snapchatting for several months now, but until recently I didn't know how to get to the face-swap feature.

My friend Dana is the Snapchat queen: she adds all the emojies and brightly-colored text and, recently, uses the face-distorting and (sometimes disturbing) animated features.

This morning, I taught CJ how to use the added features by demonstrating the face-swap feature.

The way to get to the added features on Snapchat:

  • Open Snapchat
  • Hand phone to 13-year-old
  • Have said 13-year-old explain process

Just kidding (not really, though).  It was Dana who taught me about the added features on Snapchat.  Here's how to do it, for realz:

Open Snapchat, flip the camera into "selfie" mode.  Center your face on the screen, and then touch the screen (directly on your face) until the graphics appear that outline your face.  At this point, you'll see the different options appear at the bottom of the screen.  Scroll through the options and choose the one that fits your mood!

The face-swap option is usually the last one in the scroll.

Here's what happens when CJ and I used the face-swap feature:



Snapchat/CJ Clements
Snapchat/CJ Clements