Nine year old Gracie has Cerebral Palsy and Cystic Fibrosis, which causes her to use a wheelchair. However, this does not stop Gracie from doing what she loves! Gracie has been dancing for years with her sister, Quincy, and from the looks of it the two aren't stoping anytime soon.

The two girls took the stage at Jamfest Super Nationals in Northern Kentucky and stole the stage!

They performed a duet to the song titled 'Reflections.' At the end of the performance the girls were named National Champions! They were two out of 4,500 dancers that traveled across the country to compete in this event.

I didn't see the other performers routines and I am sure they were all great but this performance stole my heart! I am so happy for these two young ladies and hope they both continue to dance and touch the lives of people across the world.