A Shreveport man was arrested for allegedly shooting a little girl's poodle when it ran into his yard.

According to KTBS, a 10-year-old girl was playing in her yard with her poodle when it ran into 75-year-old Clarence Dunivan's yard, where Dunivan allegedly shot the poodle.

Police did find a small-caliber handgun they believe was used in the shooting, and Dunivan was arrested on a charge of aggravated cruelty to animals.

The story reported that the little girl went into Dunivan's yard to retrieve her deceased dog.

The story does not report whether the old geezer yelled "GET OFF MY LAWN" before pulling the trigger.

IF this guy shot the dog, and IF it is proven that there was no threat to the man, I hope that he has to volunteer at a local animal shelter as part of his punishment.  And I hope that he has to give up his weapons, and can never own a pet, and that his family turns their backs on him.  That's my wish.

Anyhoot, stay classy, Shreveport....


(Via KTBS)