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Lost Pet In Scott: A Hawk!
Lost and Found Pets Acadiana is a great resource for reuniting lost owners with their pets, but it's not often one comes across a "Lost Pet" post like this one.
Villians That Warped My Childhood
There were a few programs on television with characters that scared the heebiejeebusses out of me, one even scaring me into blaming the wet carpet on the dog.
Penguin Visits KTDY Studio
San Juan, a tropical penguin who currently resides at Moody Gardens in Galveston made quite an impression on Debbie Ray and JayCee this morning.
Beware Of Hotel Safes
You'd think that, just by its namesake, these things would be trustworthy, but beware of hotel safes!

New Orleans Rat Traps
I don't know how often they have to be refilled with poison, and I don't know how many rats actually visit these traps, but I didn't see any rats during my visit.

The Hardest Part Of Being A Veterinarian
I can't imagine what doctors and veterinarians go through when they have to tell you that, medically, there is nothing more that can be done for a patient.

Fun With Icicles
From the "Oddly Satisfying" file, here's someone having fun with icicles on one of our station vehicles!

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