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Why 'Blood Wolf Moon'?
Really? "Blood Wolf Moon"? WTH?
Who comes up with these names?
Well, with a little research, it appears that some people traced it back to our Native American ancestors and their worship of all things natural.
The "Wolf" part of the name came about because January wa…
'Art For Your Sweetheart' To Benefit Sky's The Limit
Sky’s the Limit of Acadiana and Children’s Museum of Acadiana in Lafayette are teaming up to present the 2019 Art For Your Sweetheart event!
The Sainte Marie Restaurant at Rock'n'Bowl downtown is the location, February 13 is the date (hey, celebrate early...
Do Dreamcatchers Work?
Have you ever caught a dream in your dreamcatcher? If one could catch a dream in a dreamcatcher, how would one prove the dream was caught?
If you haven't noticed, I am quite skeptical.
My First Visit To The 'New' UL Student Union
I visited the “new” UL Student Union for the first time today, and it’s a little different from the original.
This is going back a few years, but when I attended USL, the Union was a place to study, eat, shop, catch a movie, or just gather and hang out with…