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Family Giggles As Dad Helps Retrieve Toy
My nephew had his 6th birthday party today, and as his dad lifted him up to retrieve one of his presents, the whole family ended up giggling!
Shannon has a knack for picking out great, fun gifts for her nieces and nephews. I had her on the phone when I went shopping for Peanut's birthday, and sh…
Share Your Snow Pics And Vids!
It's not often that we get to experience the "quiet" of snow, and anyone who has ever been in a decent snowfall knows of which I speak.
In Youngsville this morning, there was enough snow falling to being that "quiet". To me, it's a very relaxing, beautifu…
National Gazpacho Day Is This Week
National Gazpacho Day is being celebrated this week, and I don't think that it's a worthy 'holiday'. If I recall correctly, they weren't' great people.
Louisiana OMV ‘Expresslane’ Website
In less than 5 minutes my information was taken, approved, payment made and was assured that my new registration would arrive within a few weeks!