Two winter storms in a week in south Louisiana has drivers asking, should brakes on a vehicle equipped with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) be pumped or should the driver just let the computer system do it's thing?

In the old days, we were told to pump our vehicle's brakes for optimal stopping capability.  Most vehicles today, are equipped with ABS which accomplishes what we did back in the old days, just much faster and much more efficient.

The experts say ABS brakes are best for stopping a vehicle in dry conditions, but in ice and snow, while still very efficient, not as good.  ABS breaks will still stop your car in ice and snow probably better than you can, it will just take a longer distance to do so.

Some vehicles have a computer system, in addition to ABS, that actually controls the rotation of each tire which allows for even more control.

Using ABS In Ice And Snow

[Via:  eHow]