After a recent experience, I have been thinking about second chances and why or if people should be allowed.

I think it just depends.  We've all had bad days, been stressed out or just had so much on our plate of life that we've snapped or been rude to some undeserving soul, right?  And I bet there is not a person on the planet that hasn't offended someone without ever meaning to.

But when do you hand someone a hall pass and give them a second chance?

I don't believe I would ever give a cheating significant other a second chance.  My philosophy there is, they lost their mind once, they'll do it again.

Someone who commits a deliberate act of murder and is convicted in a court of law, no second chance.

What if you have a co-worker that constantly undermines you to try to get ahead or to save their own butt, not ever going to be a friend, no second chance.  Stay guarded.

A liar, no second chances.  Again, you did it once, you'll do it again.

A car dealership who misleads you in any way, maybe.  See there is a bad seed in every apple.  One person may not reflect the attitude of an entire business.  Second chance granted.

Someone who goes slower than all other traffic, in the LEFT lane, no second chance, we could not be friends.  Oh wait, I like Debbie Ray, well darn.

Do you give a complete stranger who humiliates you in public a second chance?  For instance, let's say you're in a department store and someone walks into you and clearly knows they did, without saying excuse me, do they get a second chance?  Maybe.  We never know what's on a person's mind at the time of one of those events.  However, if it's clearly some thug without manners, no, no second chance buddy.

I was recently made to feel like a piece of scum in public.  Now after it was made clear that I was on the radio, the situation changed a bit.  That in itself upsets me because I don't care who you are or what you do for a living, all individuals deserve to be treated with respect.  But again, I didn't know what that person was going through mentally.  Maybe that wouldn't have happened on another day/night.

What do you think about second chances?