Should the state of Louisiana fine for tall grass?  Well the state would have to give itself a ticket first!

I have always been taught 'image is everything' and as I drive around this state, I think to myself how the 'image' is tarnished by state government's neglect in maintaining highways and the medians, ditches, and grassy areas around them.

However, we also have a personal responsibility on the private front, to maintain our own land.  I drive through neighborhoods, including my own, where most people take pride in keeping their yards and landscaping nicely quaffed but then I'll see 2 or 3 residents who couldn't care less about the landscape around their dwellings and it just looks horrible.  It takes the whole neighborhood down.

The town of Massapequa, New York just voted to pass a law that would fine people for having unkempt lawns.  The first fine would be $1000 with repeat offenders being charged with a $10,000 violation!  The town is also considering fining banks for failing to properly maintain foreclosed properties.

Should Louisiana do the same?

[Via:  Huffington Post]