It’s a normal day in Karadashian land; which of course means there is a national controversy and everyone is talking about them. The headline stealing family is never far away from the front page of gossip tabloids and today is no different. The current topic: wedding etiquette.

When a wedding is called off it is customary for the bride and groom to give back the gifts, but what happens when your marriage only last 72 days? Should you still give back the gifts? Oh yeah, and what if your wedding was a gigantic media ordeal and the value of those wedding gifts far exceed costs of the average person’s entire wedding? Sound’s like the making of a controversy.

Kim K recently announced that she would be donating the $200,000 she received in as wedding gift cash to charity. Seems like an incredibly generous gesture, but all is not well. Kris Humphries, Kim’s ex man said that the charity donation was not enough and that the gifts should be given back too. What do you think Acadiana?

Here are a few opinions from our Facebook page earlier today:

Cindy: The gifts should go back!!

Angie: I think Kris is right

Michelle: Gifts were given and accepted with good intentions. They should be kept and the decision should be Kim’s and Kris’ what to do with them. Split them up, give them away. It was still a marriage whether 72 days or 72 years. Should everyone who has been divorced give back their wedding gifts? I think not.

Dinah: Does it matter? No one is ever going to be satisfied with anything she does.

What do you guys think? Should they give the gifts back? Should they keep them? Should they donate them to charity? Do you not care at all? Let us know.