Should Chris Reynolds be on "The Big Bang Theory"? If you don't know Chris, he's our friend who sometimes fills in for Jaycee and myself. He's a bright, personable young man whom I believe would drive Dr. Sheldon Cooper crazy.

(The word "Nemesis" comes to mind.)  I think perhaps he should join the cast should he get the opportunity. Why, you may ask. Several reasons:

#1, He's really smart.

#2, If he has the patience to teach teenagers in school, he can handle Sheldon.

#3 He loves pizza!

#4 His projects at AOC have GOT to be better than Sheldon's "Fun With Flags" internet program.

#5, He's a self-professed "Nerd" who love comic books, games, and Super Heroes. (He has a Batman license plate on his car.)