The lady with the bubbly personality in the checkout line at Winn Dixie had a basket filled with frozen shrimp, fresh crawfish, beer and more, but she paid just over $5.00 using her Louisiana EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) Card.  I had apples, bananas, rice, several gallons of drinking water and ketchup but I paid $35.36 and had just worked a 12 hour day.

The lady with the chipper personality was dressed in what appeared to be new jeans, had jewelry on that looked very nice, had a manicure and pedicure that looked as though only a nail professional could have created and from what I could tell from the outside, was in very very good health.  Her hair was nicely done and did I mention she smoked, a very expensive habit?

She was exclaiming how excited she was that Winn Dixie had finally given her lagniappe.  Apparently, frozen foods are covered by the EBT card but since the crawfish were fresh, they should not have been.  The cashier, a bit confused said, "The crawfish shouldn't have been covered", the lady replied, "Oh I'm so happy I finally got some lagniappe from Winn Dixie.  Piggly Wiggly gives a lot of lagniappe".

I was tired, had worked all day and still had more computer work that I was going to finish up when I finally got home.  I was not as chipper as the lady in front of me.  My back was killing me and I was hungry.  I had been neglecting my nails, I had just not had time to trim them.  I was dressed in old shorts that I've had for years.  And the stress of making ends meet, has caused an overall decline in my health.

I am really secure in my own skin, but for just a second, I wanted to change places with the happy lady that paid a little more than $5.00 for a basket full of awesome food and drink.