So, here's the story:  Shannon and I went to eat at a local crawfish eatery place over the weekend with her sister and nephew (they were in town because the nephew was in a ball tourney in Breaux Bridge). Anyhoot, as we were enjoying our appetizers (she was about to eat the last of the raw oysters), Shannon looked at me and asked "John, of all the raw oysters you have eaten in your life, have you ever found a pearl?" So, being the silver-tongued devil that I am, I quickly replied "You ARE my pearl!".    (I didn't really say that, but I do recognize the points I would have earned had I said it). I said "no". She says "oh", eats her oyster, then her eyes get real big, and then she purses her lips and "produces" a pearl! Then she gets all emotional an starts giggling AND crying, simultaneously.

So, when I thought that this was about to become a great night, I asked to see the pearl.  She reluctantly handed it over, with a stern "don't you drop it!!".

Within 8 seconds, I dropped it.  I assumed the "Home Alone" pose, she shot daggers from her eyes, and her sister immediately dropped to her knees to start searching the floor.  At first, I started looking for the emergency exit, but then thought it would be better to aid in the search.

It took me the better part of a minute (which seemed like an hour), but I found it!!  Whew!  Right away, we asked our waitress for an extra dip cup, with a lid, to secure the pearl.

It's not a very large pearl, as you can clearly see, but it is kind of cool, ya know? My question for you is this: What should I do with it? Is there something that I can have made so that she can carry her 'first' pearl around her neck or something? Help!