Talon Sonnier is a 7 year old second grader at Valverda Elementary in Maringouin, Louisiana. He likes hunting, fishing, playing baseball, and soccer. Talon was recently in a motor vehicle accident resulting in traumatic and life threatening injuries. We're told the driver who caused his injuries did not have insurance. Talon's spinal cord was completely severed. This resulted in permanent paralysis from the chest down. He has undergone neurosurgery to fuse T1 through T4. He also had a lumbar spinal injury (chance fractures) of L1-L2. This requires that he wear a custom back brace for 3-6 months.  When he is not wearing his brace, he cannot be elevated more than 30 degrees. He has had two other surgeries: abdominal laparoscopy, and two days later abdominal surgery with colon resection and appendectomy. He has continued to run a fever for over 14 days now and has been on a ventilator for 8 days. He is currently off the ventilator, but still has strep pneumonia and a staph infection which he is being treated for.  He is still in the ICU fighting the pneumonia, hoping he will be able to move to the rehab floor in week or so. He may have to go to New Orleans for inpatient rehab therapy. He will need psychotherapy/counseling visits for many months to mentally cope with post-traumatic stress disorder. We've been told to expect he could have bladder, bowel, lung issues, etc. throughout his life. He will also have special needs in regards to transportation, housing, etc. He will require numerous doctors’ treatments for the rest of his life.

If you can  help his family, please contact
John Palermo                        Anitra Landry                         Jay Landry
(225)718-5132                     (225) 603-8700                    (225) 718-5758
jpalermo111@gmail.com       anitra.landry@la.gov

Donations can be made at:
All People’s Bank   (225) 637-2969 or through the'Go Fund Me' website created by friends of Talon's family: http://www.gofundme.com/5noolc.

If you can't donate, please say a prayer for this beautiful child.