Women are attracted to men with a sense of humor, but can they be totally fulfilled and fall in love with a funny guy?

This study is no laughing matter.  A sense of humor may help a guy get lucky, but it won’t help him find true love. While the funny guy may beat out the better looking guy to steal the girl at the end of the night, it won't last, says the research.  Women are attracted to funny guys for hook-ups, but not for long-term relationships. As researchers put it, “male wit nurtures an impression of not being serious or willing to invest in a mate."

Does he have a job?  A car?  Is he trustworthy?  All questions that are much more important than if he makes you laugh or not.  Oh, and make sure you find out how he treats his mother, that may reflect as to how he'll treat you.

[Via:  Yahoo]