We took the girls to the vet yesterday for their annual exams and shots. This is the only time I really think about how old they're getting. When the vet looks at their charts and says that Chi Chi and Lizzie are 12, it's shocking somehow. That's 84 in dog years! They still jump and run and play, although when I think about it, maybe they're not quite as active as they used to be. I decided to read up a little bit on the signs that an aging dog needs help. I looked up some tips on the health of your senior dog and found this information from Dave Merrick at Quincy Animal Health in Madison, Wisconsin.

1. Sleep changes such as waking up in the middle of the night and sleeping more during the day

2. Soils the house after being let outside to go

3. New phobia or anxieties

4. Barks at the wall

5. Gets stuck in a corner and needs help to get out

6. Seems confused around people they know well

So far we're ok, but I'm glad to know what to look out for!

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